Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7, Detail Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7, Detail Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7, Detail Comparison is the most searched terms in internet these days. So we have prepared a detail about Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7, Detail Comparison. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus has just been announced. The two phones are getting huge attention from the smartphone users. The reports regarding Samsung Galaxy S8 shows that there were 728,000 pre-sold numbers before the launch. And the report also say that there will be more than 1 million Galaxy S8 sold till April 21 which is one months of the release of phone. There is also huge competition between the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are also getting same response as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting. Here we are showing you the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 in the below portion.

  1. First of all display is the main factor which differentiate between these two phones. Galaxy S8 Plus has a 6.2 inch display which also looks slimmer that iPhone 7 plus which has 5.5 inch display. Galaxy S8 has the highest rating in the terms of display of any smartphones.
  2. The charging is the next factor which differentiate the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has the wireless charging where as S8 has USB type of charger. The charging time of Galaxy S8 is faster than iPhone 7 though.
  3. The next factor which separates these two phones is the expandable memory. The iPhone 7 has no expandable capacity and has the highest capacity up to 256 GB and the Samsung Galaxy S8 has 64GB memory and memory expandable up to 64 GB. It can be said that iPhone 7 is good since we do not need to buy a extra memory card.
  4. External Body: iPhone 7 has glass on the front as screen and metal on the back. Galaxy S8 has glass on both front and back. iPhone is originally good and is safe for drop or breaking of phone. Samsung Galaxy S8 has Gorilla Glass 5 type of Glass on the back to save the drop protection.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 has the unlocking the phone via facial recognition, iris scanning, finger print, pattern and password. Where as iPhone 7 has few options as finger print scanner with password or pin only. Samsung can be complex in terms of security option but iPhone unlocking seems to be much easier.
  6. The display of Samsung Galaxy S8 can be connected to the external display easier where as iPhone 7 do not has that capability.
  7. Headphone is the another factor which separates the two phones. iPhone 7 has the wireless headphones where as Samsung Galaxy S8 has the wired jack.

These are the factors we found different in the two phones. If you have any queries regarding the two phones you can leave it in a comment.


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