iPhone 8 Potential Design Revealed.

iPhone 8 Potential Design Revealed.

iPhone 8 Potential Design Revealed and everything you need to know is available here. There is not much time left for the launch of the phone, the potential rumors about the iPhone 8 is in air day by day. The 2017 iPhone 8 is now trending in the internet. Tons of videos and pictures of the rumors are getting big discussions day by day. This week we have a another image leak of the iPhone 8.

The photo of the new concept iPhone 8 is trending in Twitter these days. The dummy design of the phone is trending and we can confirm this is one of the best design of the iPhone 8 till now.

The new design shows a dual lens camera of iPhone which is placed differently. This time the dual lens are located vertically one after another. The change in dual camera location might be due to the advanced 3D and other advanced natural effects. The finger print or touch ID sensor is also not seen this time as well. There were rumors that this time the iPhone 8 is committed to make the touch ID sensor for the security feature of the phone.

Apple is rumored to make the iPhone 8 with whole body glass. The grand success of Galaxy S8 is making some pressure in the design of iPhone 8. The Apple Inc. seems to be working with different designs for the last few months. The different prototypes are being tested in the laboratory to give the final shape to the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are likely to be the phones which will be released on the 10th smartphone anniversary of Apple. Lets wait and see about the potential rumors that will run in the internet in the coming days.

iPhone 8 Potential Design Revealed.


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