How to Make Verified Paypal In Nepal

How to Make Verified Paypal In Nepal

The lack of international payment gateway in Nepal is the biggest problems for the Nepalese freelancers and various online workers of Nepal. There are a lot of national payment gateways in Nepal but the international payment gateway would help the online workers of Nepal much. So we can see various queries, search terms and discussions in the different forums in internet. People are busy asking about Paypal office in Nepal, and questioning like does Paypal work in nepal ? There are also various queries regarding how to receive money from Paypal in Nepal. There are a lot of search for the master cards in Nepal as well. People after making the Pay Pal account in Nepal still have confusions regarding transfer money from paypal to Nepal and how to withdraw money from Paypal in Nepal. So in order to help these deserving online workers we have collected tips and ways to use Paypal in Nepal. There are few ways that we can verify Paypal from Nepal. We are sharing these techniques with you all today.

Here are some techniques which can be used to withdraw or send-receive Paypal funds from Nepal easily.

Methods to apply for Paypal In Nepal

First Method: The easiest way is if you have relatives in USA or European countries then you can easily get the paypal account. There is a option for the people living in USA and Europe that they can open or create a separate account for their children or relatives. So you can get a verified paypal account in this way. The bad thing about this is your account under them can be easily accessed by them so you should have very much trusted person there. If you have paypal account of USA you can have the paypal master card which can be used world wide any time. So this is the safest and good method for getting verified paypal account in Nepal.

Second Method: In order to verify paypal in Nepal you need to have Master Card. It is easier to open paypal acount but hard to verify. So the problem is Master Card. The most used master card in Nepal for verifying paypal is Payoneer Master card which is easily available.

How to get free Master Card in Nepal ?

You can get free Master Card in Nepal. The most used master card is Payoneer Mastercard. You should apply for the Payoneer Mastercard from their official website. You can get free master shipped in Nepal in between 2-4 weeks in Nepal. You need to have post box number for that.

After you get the master card and you have the bank account number of the master card then you can easily verify Paypal account. It will take about 2-3 days.

After you enter the bank account numbers and card number in Paypal Account then paypal will deposit few amounts twice and also refund the amounts back. After that you account is fully verified and you can use the paypal account in Nepal normally.


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