Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android.

Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android.

Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android after receiving attacks in thousands of gmails in a week. There were wide spreading scam running in the Google Docs and Gmail last week. The phishing attack was misusing the information of all the users in the negative way. It seems the current google security is insufficient for the current phishing attack. Google says that the new security feature is coming for the gmail application on Android phone. The security option will not remove the attack up to now but will remove and warn the users for the potential attack now onward. The attacks which are involved in the malicious and fake Google Docs will be easily removed.

After the new security features have evolved the security protection is going to the right direction. Users are now easily accessing the gmail account on their mobile phones. The phishing is giving a continuous tension to the users which is not giving them to access their gmail account easily.

The phishing is such that, you could get a email from your known contact and will request to share file with you then you have to click the link. This is the trap. If you clicked the link then you will be redirected a normal web page which is hosted by Google. It will say that you have to put password in it and if you fill password then your gmail is easily hacked.

You will be even asked to give an app named Google Docs account permissions and it is a fake Google Docs. After then the worm will begin to spread which will hamper the contacts of your email account as well.

We warn all of you if you faced the same situations and you should not click any links without knowing it. If you have important information regarding your personal, financial and other sensitive issues then you might be in big risk.


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